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Feature & a short

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Feature & a short
--SEP 21
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WARNING: This episode is a workflow episode. It is made for people with extensive knowledge in post-production and can be confusing if you do not have that background. If you do not have that backgorung skip to another one of our episodes. Welcome to another COVID Feature & a Short episode: Assistant Editing.Most assistant editors want to advance their career to become and editor someday.Owner and Editor of Fourwind Films, Justin Joseph Hall, has worked on many projects as Assistant Editor. In this episode he gives us some tips about Assistant Editing. First off to know the different jobs in Post-Production to find opportunities to experiment and try different things. Always discuss at the beginning of the project how your credit is going to be. Remember that as an assistant editor you gotta be the organizational voice. You want to have an easy-to-read organizational format. Be consistent with the way you label files as you working on a team! Talk to the editor about gaining a system for ingesting and synching. Color-correction and sound-mixing are essential parts to consider for a complete proper project.

It’s your job to make sure that your work is accurate and that you maintain a high quality product for finishing your video!If you have any Post-Production questions, email Justin Joseph Hall directly at justinjosephhall@fourwindfilms.com or check out Fourwind’s blog page for helpful tips in creating media.