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Feature & a short

Fourwind Films

Feature & a short
8 minJAN 21
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Piper Werle is a writer and producer who loves the genre of fantasy in films. She her dialogue always is tickling your ribs and catches you off-guard. She uses the themes of fantasy and integrates them with accessible progressive ideas.

Piper’s short was her first film she produced after many years writing for the stage called Veronica. It’s a story about the descendants of the mythical Greek Sirens. She uses practical and movie magic to bring the audience into the fantasy realm. The story is about dating stories anyone can relate to.

The Last Unicorn is a star studded cast including Mia Farrow, Angela Lansbury, Jeff Bridges, & Alan Arkin. It follows the story of a unicorn alone in the world for many years. It’s fantastical as it is 80’s and has beautiful depictions of animated nature. Funny names and quotes abound.

Piper’s laugh is contagious so enjoy! Check out more of her work in our upcoming short Prologue, which she also wrote and worked as the Production Designer.