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Feature & a short

Fourwind Films

Feature & a short
10 minSEP 7
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WARNING: This episode is a workflow episode. It is made for people with extensive knowledge in post-production and can be confusing if you do not have that background. If you do not have that background skip to another one of our episodes. Welcome to another COVID Feature & a Short episode: Setting Up in Post-Production Differences, which focuses on how to set up a project in post-production. What differs the most between working on features and shorts is which software editing you use. Owner of Fourwind Films’ Justin Joseph Hall suggests Premiere for faster turnaround time and Avid for longer projects. He also gives us some tips about folder structures and file labeling. Specifically that organization skills are extremely important in post-production. Know your camera. Know your codec. You wanna make sure that things will sort in a logical manner in order not to cause yourself a lot of work towards the end of the post-production process. Here is a link to our folder structure template that is mentioned in the episode. YYYY-MM-DD (Name of Project) Episode hosted by: Justin Joseph Hall. If you have any post-production questions, email Justin directly at justin.joseph.hall@fourwindfilms.com or check out Fourwind’s blog page for helpful tips in creating media.