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This is Not Real Podcast

This is not Real

This is Not Real Podcast
71 MIN2018 DEC 29
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Spoiler Alert: She's not even black!________________________Welcome back to This is Not Real! In this episode we finish our talk about black witches in media. We chat about the first black witch we've ever seen, studied, and loved! We also discuss just what it takes to be a black witch on screen.________________________Mentioned in this EpisodeOur Witchy Timeline: The Wiz (Glinda {Lena Horne} Evillene {Mabel King} [1978])The Crucible (Tituba [1996])The Craft (Rochelle [1996])Twitches (Camryn and Alex [2005])Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (Calypso [2006])True Blood (Lafayette [2008]) The Vampire Diaries (Bonnie Bennet, Emily Bennet [2009])American Horror Story: Coven (Marie Laveau & Queenie [2011/2013])Teen Wolf (Marin Morell [2011]) The Secret Circle (Melissa Glaser [2011])Akata Witch (Sunny, Orlu, Chichi, Sasha [2011])The Originals (Esther Mikaelson, Davina ClaireThe Harvest Girls [2013])Salem (Tituba [2014]) Bayou Magic (Jewell Parker Rhodes [2015])Children of Blood and Bone (Tomi Adeyemi [2018])The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Prudence Night, Lady Blackwell, and Ambrose Spellman, and maybe Roz ;)[2018])Charmed (Macy Vaughn [2018])Put Me On: Widows, Jackie Aina [We Need to Talk About Skin Bleaching], Akwaeke Emezi short story [Muzik De Zumbi], Letterboxd, and Sleepless