Understanding Global Markets

Inside the Global Economy

Maria Bartiromo

Maria Bartiromo

Fox Business Network Host

Understanding Global Markets
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Television personality and best-selling author Maria Bartiromo delivers global economic information to millions of viewers every morning on Fox Business Network, and now she’s presenting this audio course exclusively for you on Himalaya Learning. This course will teach you why global markets are so important, how they work, and how it matters for your life and financial success.  

What You'll Learn

  • A general overview of how global markets work 
  • What makes the markets move 
  • How China impacts the American economy  


7 Episodes

1. Global Markets


Get an overview of the global markets and what it means to study them.

2. Earnings, IPOs & Futures


Learn about key market terms and why they are important.

3. What Moves the Markets?


Find out what the biggest influences are behind movements in global markets.

4. Stock Prices


Hear about how stock prices are determined, and what they actually mean.

5. The Most Influential People in Wealth


Explore the impact some of the world’s wealthiest people can have on global markets.

6. The Cost: Trump, China and American Revival


Hear directly from Bartiromo about her new book, which dissects the relationship between President Trump and China.

7. The Chinese Impact on America


Discover the effects that China has on the American markets.

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