Overcoming Fear and Anxiety

Move past what’s holding you back

Dr. Martin Antony

Dr. Martin Antony

Director of Treatment Clinic, and best-selling author

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Get a deeper understanding of the physical and psychological mechanisms behind fear and anxiety, as Dr. Martin Antony, a The New York Times featured Psychologist, breaks down common diagnoses and treatment plans. Learn specific exercises and plans for addressing mild to moderate anxiety, and decide what kind of additional help you might need.

What You'll Learn

  • The root causes of fear and anxiety
  • Strategies for overcoming phobias and worries 
  • How to deal with pandemic anxiety


13 Episodes

1. What is Fear?


Learn what happens in our body and our mind under the influence of fear.

2. Where Do Fear & Anxiety Come From?


Discover the root causes of your fears and anxieties.

3. Disorders of Fear & Anxiety


See how clinicians diagnose and treat various fear- and anxiety-based disorders.

4. Consequences of Fear & Anxiety


Become aware of the effects fear and anxiety can have on your life.

5. Disarming Fear with Exposure


Learn how to carefully deploy this effective strategy for phobias.

6. Reframing Fear with Cognitive Strategies


Change the way you think about fear.

7. Releasing Fear with Relaxation


Practice this physical approach to conquering fear.

8. Neutralizing Fear with Mindfulness & Acceptance


How to let go of your need to control the world around you.

9. Building Healthy Routines to Support Healing


Develop the everyday habits that can reduce and alleviate fear.

10. When Medication & Therapists are Helpful


You don’t have to do it alone.

11. Helping A Loved One Struggling with Fear & Anxiety


How to support someone without enabling their problems.

12. Fear & Anxiety in a Pandemic


Understand the role of anxiety in a post-pandemic world.

13. Continuing Your Journey


How to continue the work overcoming your fears and anxieties.

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