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The Lighthouse

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Personal Finance
Lili Wang

Lili Wang

Partner, Chief Investment Officer and Co-Founder of OneWorld

The Lighthouse
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The Lighthouse is here to shine a light on the things you care about, by cutting to the chase on topics like personal investment, real estate, technology, and education. Hosted by the partners of the OneWorld Group, a global investment and wealth management firm, our conversations with the insiders’ insiders will give you access to cutting edge information so you can build up your toolbox to survive and thrive. Learn more at https://www.oneworldgrp.com/lighthouse

What You'll Learn

  • ​How to thrive during uncertainty

  • How to learn from top 1% of students

  • How to invest in real estate during COVID

  • How to benefit from the new gaming economy

  • How to seize opportunities during a recession

Course Outline

EP 1: Tim Shih – Unpredicting Uncertainty

Tim is my partner at OneWorld Group.  He’s also a computer scientist, a lawyer, a seasoned chef, and a horticulturalist. We’ll introduce some practical tools to thrive in uncertain environments.

EP 2: Allen Koh – Varsity Clues

Allen is one of the top college consultants in the world, having started Cardinal Education from his dorm room at Stanford. His clients are paying him 5 to 7 figure for guidance. What are the common traits for success he sees in students today?  

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EP 3: John Burns – Real Estate for the Thoughtful

John Burns is one of the most respected real estate consultants in the US. His insights usually cost tens of thousands of dollars, and reserved for big institutional investors in Wall Street. What are the interesting trends and opportunities he’s seeing in the real estate market following COVID-19’s outbreak?

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EP 4: Yoshio Osaki – What’s Real in Virtualization and Gaming

Yoshio runs the top gaming consulting firms in the world, with a client list that includes Amazon, Tencent, Blizzard, and Microsoft.  He breaks down the ecosystem of gaming and virtualization, and shares how everyone can benefit from this new economy. Gaming’s not just for gamers anymore, find out why.

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EP 5: Peggy Olin – Resi RE Déjà vu or Something New 

Peggy is another partner at OneWorld Group. How this Covid19 crisis compares to the 2008 financial collapse? Peggy shares her stories of opportunity, perseverance, and success through the recession. How to think about buying and selling decisions in real estate during COVID-19? What it takes to break through as a woman in a male-dominated industry? 


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