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Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates

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Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates
53 minMAY 29
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DEBATE: Has The Electoral College Outlived Its Usefulness?
Five American presidents — two in the last 20 years — have assumed office without winning the popular vote. As the nation gears up for another contentious presidential election, some are calling for an end to the Electoral College. They argue that the college subverts the will of the American people by unfairly prioritizing rural and swing states over the nation’s majority. But others say the Electoral College, which the Founders established in the Constitution, is necessary to ensure voters in less populous states have a voice in picking our president. Has the Electoral College outlived its usefulness?
This debate is presented in partnership with the Northwestern Pritzker School of Law as part of the Newt and Jo Minow Debate Series.  
Motion: The Electoral College Has Outlived Its Usefulness

For the Motion:
Jamelle Bouie - Columnist, New York Times
Kate Shaw - Law Professor & Supreme Court Contributor, ABC News

Against the Motion:
Tara Ross - Author, "Why We Need the Electoral College"
Bradley A. Smith - Law Professor & Former Chairman, Federal Election Commission

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