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Knowing Nothing

Sound Pollination

Knowing Nothing
19 MIN2019 DEC 23
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Ho Ho Ho! Merry freaking Christmas everybody! On this episode of Knowing Nothing I thought we ought to get to the bottom of a question that’s been bothering me since I was a wee boy leaving cookies out for Santa. Why the heck do we christmas celebrators put trees in our houses for the holidays? What a strange tradition! So today we learn what that’s all about.

Then– Because it’s Christmas, I thought it would be fun to answer three other questions I’ve had all year too. 

  1. Why is popcorn the food of choice at the movies? 
  2. Why do we blow out candles on our birthday? 

And 3. Why do we ‘knock on wood’ whenever we don’t want something bad to happen?

So let’s learn some Nothings!


Produced by: Sound Pollination

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