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The Damage Report with John Iadarola
79 min2020 JUN 26
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Trump refuses to follow NJ’s quarantine order, with the WH arguing that he’s above the law and “not a civilian.” Although testing is steadily decreasing, Covid-19 cases continue to spike across the country. NYC reports NO protest-related upticks in Covid-19. A Federal Appeals court rules that ALL charges against Michael Flynn must immediately be dropped, no questions asked. Facial recognition software led to the false arrest of an innocent black man because surprise surprise: even police technology is racist. The China-US trade “war” is revived as Trump extends farmer bailout money to the lobster industry. Gary Chambers LIVE on the viral video of him slamming a school board member for online shopping during a community meeting about racism. Will Jawando LIVE on what it’s like to be a black lawmaker amidst nationwide calls to #DefundThePolice.

Guest: Gary Chambers & Will Jawando

Co-host: Adrienne Lawrence


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