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MnM Hockey Podcast


MnM Hockey Podcast
68 minMAR 9
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Alex and Chace are back with a surprisingly busy week. The guys have a lot to talk about this week, including a bunch of Metropolitan division talk. They start by discussing the unfortunate Johnny Boychuk news. This leads to a discussion about whether or not facemasks will become mandatory in the future. After that, they take a look at how the Metropolitan Division standings have drastically been changing lately. Looking at teams that have been on hot streaks, and lots of teams on cold streaks. Alex asks if one Metro heavyweight should be considered as such.
The guys also took a look at the General Manager meetings. They start by discussing the decision to leave the emergency backup situation as is. As well as discussing a potential offside rule change that could make things like video review much easier. Finally, they take a look at the new possible salary cap and where they think it will land. They also discuss why they wouldn't be shocked if the rumoured numbers are too high.