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MnM Hockey Podcast


MnM Hockey Podcast
83 minAPR 7
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The guys are back with another week of social distancing as COVID-19 continues to impact everything that happens. Today, they take a look at the top 20 NHL wingers in the league. Trying to take into account this season as well as prior season results to determine who makes the top 20 for best wingers currently. Both Alex and Chace take a statistical approach to determining it. However, one uses priors more than the other.
With so many great wingers in the NHL, the guys find it tough to narrow it down to just 20. Alex even forgets a name or two along the way and realizes he may need to reorganize his list. Who do you think are the leagues best wingers? Is it Taylor Hall, Mark Stone, Nikita Kucherov, or Artemi Panarin? Or is it someone else? Let the guys know here or on Twitter. Make sure to tune in for all of their top 20 and see if you agree or disagree with what they have. Listen for all of this and more, with the MnM Hockey Podcast!