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The Damage Report with John Iadarola

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The Damage Report with John Iadarola
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Fox News fires host Ed Henry following a sexual misconduct allegation by a former network staffer. Dungeons & Dragons moves away from the concept of “innately evil races.” Rep. Tlaib is about to pass a $22.5 billion infrastructure bill that would replace lead infested pipes all over the nation. The right-wing still believes that Covid-19 is a “political stunt.” Throwback to Brett’s Garbage Person a few weeks back, who’s popped back up again to argue that wearing masks is an act of “slavery.” Red states are being ravaged by Covid-19 and the GOP and right-wing media figures are being the worst about it. The MI Gov. signs a bill formally changing the state’s flag, stripping the Confederate symbol from it. Trump still refuses to read any intelligence reports --but don’t fret, he does look at charts, graphs and tables; but only when he’s not gossiping with his friends. Breaking News: the Trump Admin. believe that conservatice Justice Clarence Thomas is most likely to retire this year, potentially opening up a new seat on the SCOTUS. Nayyera Haq LIVE on why Stacey Abrams’ shouldn’t be attacked just for being ambitious, and how white people being anti-racist in private spaces can be even more meaningful than in public.

Guest: Nayyera Haq

Co-host: Brett Erlich
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