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The Damage Report with John Iadarola

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The Damage Report with John Iadarola
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Trump retweets a video of a MAGA head shouting “White Power,” but then deletes it. Kayleigh McEnany claims Trump “did not hear that phrase” before retweeting it, but that he “stands for” the people in the video and is happy to see their “tremendous enthusiasm.” Trump really wants us to believe that the pandemic is over and doesn’t care how many lives he puts at risk while doing so. Siberia is experiencing an abnormally high number of forest fires as temperatures in the Arctic continue to surge. Kayleigh McEnany tries to gaslight you about Trump repealing the ACA, attempting to blame the Democrats for taking coverage away from millions amidst a global pandemic. Fox News’ take on BLM is all over the place but one thing is clear: they’re using demands for equality as fuel for their racist “culture war” narrative. Judd Legum LIVE on the dirty secret behind Ben Shapiro’s success on Facebook. 

Guest: Judd Legum

Co-host: Francesca Fiorentini
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