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First Class Fatherhood

First Class Fatherhood

First Class Fatherhood
24 MINJUN 26
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Episode 372 Brent Gleeson is a First Class Father, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur and former Navy SEAL. This is Brent’s second time on First Class Fatherhood and it’s an honor to have him back. The last time he was on the podcast was Episode 77. As a member of SEAL Team 5, Gleeson's platoon had some of the first SEALs deployed to Iraq in early 2003. He served several tours in Iraq, Africa, and other theaters of war. After returning to civilian life, he built award-winning, multi-million dollar organizations that were repeatedly named in the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing private companies. In this Episode, Brent updates us on his growing family with some exciting news, he talks about his upcoming book “Embrace The Suck” which drops in December 2020 featuring a foreword written by David Goggins, he describes his new business venture Veteran Wellness, he discusses the current climate of the country and how he talks about it with his kids particularly his teenage son, he mentions the changes both professionally and personally he has made as a result of the pandemic, he offers some great advice for new or about to be Dads and more!

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