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The McLaughlin Group

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The McLaughlin Group
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The McLaughlin Group -- April 17, 2020
Our guest panelist this week is Shermichael Singleton (@Shermichael_)
Issue one: The North and the South
Georgia, this week, moved to re-open certain businesses, including salons and bowling alleys, and while some saluted Senator Kemp for his for his courage, others condemned his action as unbound from public health needs.
How will this divide between Northern and Southern state play out?

Issue two: Green Card Hold
After flirting with a much broader immigration ban, President Trump signed an executive order this week banning new green card admissions for 60 days. The ban does not apply to existing green card holders or to temporary workers.
Is this about the November election or is this about protecting American jobs in the specific condition of the Coronavirus crisis?

Issue three: Iran tensions and China lawsuits
President Trump responded to rumors that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is critically ill. No one has confirmed those rumors, but other international tensions are also brewing.
What do we think of this situation?

Plus: predictions