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Family Affairs

smART Studio Licensed Sex Therapist, Lisa Thomas,

Family Affairs
34 min2017 NOV 28
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No hookups! If you have any experience at all, online dating, you've come across this phrase. Maybe you're someone who gets regularly propositioned for no-strings-attached (NSA) sex and you need to weed those people out. Maybe you're middle-aged, coming off a long-term-relationship and it's been so long since you dated, you didn't realize "hookups" are a thing and thought for a minute that a lot of people are really opposed to sex. Ok, now I'm sounding old. We can talk all day about what life was like before the internet and smart phones, but you'll be hard-pressed to convince me that there's any bigger contribution to society than online dating, and the ease with which one can have a legal, consensual, romantic encounter. The unfortunate side-effect of streamlined sexual encounters, is a loss of effort and etiquette in the process. Basically, you can arrange to have sex with someone, wi