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One Plus One


One Plus One
25 MIN2019 MAR 19
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In their early years, Kobe and Shaq each endure snubs from their heroes that give them a ferocious desire to prove themselves on the court.
But that’s pretty much where their similarities end. Kobe is the adored only son of an NBA player. Shaq is raised by his stepfather, a former Marine sergeant who rides him hard and is never pleased.
Shaq comes to the NBA wanting to dominate and be loved. Kobe doesn’t worry about being loved. He’s got the kind of charm and charisma that leaves people hoping he’ll love them. Shaq is one of the guys. And Kobe, well...he’s kind of a mama’s boy.
But they do share one thing. Both men want to be the Lakers’ leader and high scorer—which is gearing up to be a massive challenge for the coach tasked with containing their feud.
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