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One Plus One


One Plus One
23 MIN2019 APR 2
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It’s official: The Shaq-Kobe Lakeshow has finally come to an end. Shaq’s been traded to the Miami Heat, one of the weakest teams in the league. For the veteran center, the trade feels like a personal slight—one he’ll make them regret. He promises to “bring a championship to Miami.” And true to his word, the very next season, Shaq leads the Heat to a NBA championship. Now he has one more ring than Kobe.
But Kobe isn’t daunted. Shaq’s ring is Kobe’s rocket fuel. Three years later, Kobe leads the Lakers to yet another championship. But drawing even with Shaq isn’t enough for Kobe. He won’t be satisfied until he’s outdone the big man.
Will their feud never end?
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