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One Plus One


One Plus One
26 MIN2019 MAR 14
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Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant could not be more different when it comes to style, both on and off the court. Shaq is a playful giant with a side hustle as a rapper. Kobe is a kid from Philly with once-in-a-lifetime talent—and an ego to match.
But Shaq and Kobe's fates have been intertwined since both players joined the Lakers amid a lot of fanfare. Clashes between two talented players on a sports team isn't new, but the Shaq-Kobe drama managed to stand out. And it also led to multiple basketball championships.  
Our six-episode series on the feud and partnership between Shaq and Kobe begins in the mid-1990s, when the Lakers are looking for players with the skill and showmanship to fill a giant Magic Johnson-sized hole in this once-glorious franchise.
Lakers' management knows that Shaq and Kobe have the potential to lead their team to victory — but which one will be the real leader? And how will they can get these two superstars to work together to win?
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