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Public and Permanent®: Real Tales From the Road

Richard Guerry

Public and Permanent®: Real Tales From the Road
36 minAPR 28
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Stacey Honowitz is an author and a veteran of the Florida State Attorney's office as the supervisor of the Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Unit. In this podcast she will provide true crime stories and solutions to keep you and your loved ones safe from predators – and yourself – while online and off.
What You Will Learn:

True Crime stories about teens and family challenges for you to learn and teach from
How pedophiles target kids on Tiktok, Snapchat, Instagram and other Social Media platforms
Why a mindset of “Not My Kid” will ultimately fail your child
Does your kid have a cash account? Do you know what they are selling?
The legally liabilities of kids under 18 sending, viewing, receiving or requesting “adult content”
The rise in teacher / student relationships and how to spot this
Delete does not mean delete. Forensics is as good as finding “it” as you are at hiding “it”


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