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Technology & Choice, and SAFE Crossroads podcasts

John Ferguson

Technology & Choice, and SAFE Crossroads podcasts
49 MIN2018 DEC 20
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MaidSafe just released a completely in-house version of the SAFE Browser with some very cutting-edge features and toggles to explore experimental features. It's still rough-cut,as browser experiences go, but it opens the door to some very advanced development options as the SAFE Network matures toward readiness for launch.

Helping us get a feel for this step forward are two of the MaidSafe front-end developers most responsible for this new step: Gabriel Viganotti and Josh Wilson.

Understanding where the SAFE Browser has come from, where it is and where it's going can give one new insight and a real feel for why SAFE Network development is really in a field of its own.


"Safe Crossroads Beta", an original piece composed and performed by Nicholas Koteskey of Two Faced Heroes


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