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Technology & Choice, and SAFE Crossroads podcasts

John Ferguson

Technology & Choice, and SAFE Crossroads podcasts
73 MIN2019 FEB 1
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I had the honor of a 2+ hour conversation with the two people most familiar with all aspects of the SAFE Network, MaidSAFE's Founder and CEO, David Irvine and CTO, Viv Rajkumar.

To guide our discussion we focused on the 21 Fundamentals of the SAFE Network as linked below. We had a very far-ranging discussion from high to medium altitude, touching on all aspects of the whats and whys that make this project so unique and far-reaching.


*Safe Crossroads Beta*, an original piece composed and performed by Nicholas Koteskey of Two Faced Heroes


[The Fundamentals of the SAFE Network](https://safenetforum.org/t/safe-network-fundamentals-context/25352)

[SAFE Network Forum](https://safenetforum.org)

[Safecoin: The Best Think to Do is Just Forget About It](https://safecrossroads.net/articles/safecoin-the-best-thing-to-do-is-just-forget-about-it/) --Article

[SAFE Network School](https://safecrossroads.net/safe-network-school/) --A SAFE Crossroads Series