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83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff

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83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff
51 sMAY 4
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On this episode of 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson, the guys discuss TNA's attempts to move their Impact show to Monday nights to compete with WWE's Monday Night Raw! Eric arrived with Hulk Hogan (and Jimmy Hart) in late 2009, and debuted on TNA television on Monday January 4th, 2010. Soon enough, the internal debate between the companies and their fans was about to finally play out: could TNA and their roster compete with the WWE on a level playing field? On March 8th, 2010, the "Monday Night Wars" would return.
Opening and closing the show would be Hogan and Abyss vs. Ric Flair and AJ Styles. Finally making his TNA debut vs. Sting, would be former WWE and ECW champ Rob Van Dam, and also appearing on the show would be Jeff Jarrett, Sean Waltman, Eric Young, The Beautiful People, Beer Money Inc., Daniels and Kazarian, Mike Tenay, Taz and many more! But how did this all come to fruition? How did TNA finally lure Hogan into the fold? What were Eric's thoughts on and expectations for the company at that time? What did he think of the roster? How and why were talents like Jeff Hardy, Ken Anderson, Sean Morley, Lacey Von Erich, and even Bubba The Love Sponge brought on board? What were Eric's dealings with Dixie Carter and Panda Energy like, and so much more!

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