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FloWrestling Radio Live

Christian Pyles

FloWrestling Radio Live
81 min2020 NOV 11
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Run of Show

0:00 - How did we do this show for 6 months with no wrestling happening?

0:01 - There was a lot of really good high school wrestling this weekend

0:05 - Jordan Burroughs & Zahid Valencia keep talking trash on Twitter

0:20 - IMAR is not happy with Jordan Burroughs

0:28 - AJ Ferrari also came at the king on Twitter…

0:31 - Gable Steveson had a few choice words for Ferrari himself

0:32 - John Smith gave a preview of what the Oklahoma State lineup will look like 

0:42 - AJ Ferrari is about to be the biggest heel in NCAA wrestling 

0:44 - U23 & Junior Nationals registration is picking up

0:50 - Questions from friends

01:16 - Burroughs-Valencia fire promo