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FloWrestling Radio Live

Christian Pyles

FloWrestling Radio Live
82 min2020 NOV 13
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Run of Show

0:00 - Ben somehow has better internet in Singapore than he does in Wisconsin and he’s pretty jet lagged 

0:01 - Ben is fired up about the UWW Junior & U23 entries 0:05 - Ben’s computer might die bc he can’t leave the room to get an adapter 

0:06 - GSP, Demetrius Johnson, and Renzo Gracie will be on the show with Ben 

0:07 - Making picks for some of the best weights at UWW Junior and U23s

0:19 - Who won National Signing Day and the biggest surprises so far

0:29 - Gable Steveson and AJ Ferrari are still beefing on Instagram

0:31 - Dake’s thoughts on Burroughs-Zahid and what he would do if JB did chang weights

0:34 - Ben’s thoughts on what Dake had to say about Burroughs

0:38 - Making predictions for Burroughs-Zahid card

0:53 - Alien Hour about Gravity Hill in Pennsylvania

01:01 - Questions from friends