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FloWrestling Radio Live

Christian Pyles

FloWrestling Radio Live
89 min2020 NOV 18
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Run of Show

0:00 - Ben is still in Singapore but ready to come back from the good ole USA

0:01 - Ben is making his way through The Wire and really wants to talk about it

0:05 - Burroughs-Zahid more than delivered

0:20 - Thoughts on how Echmendia-Henderson played out

0:22 - Tyler Berger could be a real problem once 70kg is back

0:23 - Alli Ragan and Kayla Miracle continued to look dominant 

0:23 - We all thought Hancock and Vera would be more competitive 

0:26 - The RTC Cup is coming December 4-5 and going to be awesome

0:31 - AJ Ferrari is the real deal and CP thinks he’s a title contender right away

0:36 - Bernie Truax made a name for himself over the weekend

0:39 - 65kg Juniors was insane from start to finish

0:43 - Is Ben becoming too white collar for the wrestling community?

0:45 - We are excited to announce a 4-year partnership with United World Wrestling

0:52 - Going weight by weight through U23 & Junior results

Getting back to talking 

01:23 - Our 8-man 150 lbs bracket is set and is fire flames