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FloWrestling Radio Live

Christian Pyles

FloWrestling Radio Live
89 min2020 NOV 19
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Run of Show

0:01 - The RTC Cup is coming up and NC State is hinting at a big announcement

0:10 - How the Ivy League canceling winter sports impacts individual rankings and team race

0:24 - Why Bratke is optimistic about the NCAA season happening 

0:28 - The Bachelorette featured wrestling last night and Bratke and Bray have some thoughts

0:38 - Bray breaks down the biggest changes to the high school wrestling P4P rankings

0:50 - All the scenarios of how the 150 lbs 8-man bracket could look like

01:00 - Ed Ruth officially announced by the Wolfpack RTC

01:04 - Question from friends

01:28 - The trailer for the Real Woods special coming next week