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upNXT: The Unofficial NXT Podcast

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upNXT: The Unofficial NXT Podcast
57 min2020 OCT 31
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Braden Herrington and Davie Portman celebrate Halloween with a spooky movie review of “the night no one comes home”… Halloween 3: Season of the Witch!
The BDE chat all about the one Halloween movie in the franchise that doesn’t feature its most iconic character, Michael Myers. Yes, this exists. They discuss this early 80’s horror flick with evil Halloween masks, a ridiculous plot with gruesome deaths, robot killers, jack-o-lanterns, “Silver Shamrocks”, snakes, mind control, unnecessary sex scenes, Stonehenge (for some reason), and more!
The lads share thoughts on the Halloween franchise as a whole (including the new films), fantasy book future crossovers, play trivia and much more! 
Happy Halloween!
On the upNXT Patreon, Braden and Davie review AEW Dynamite each Thursday as well as retro NXT reviews, Best Match Ever, and tons of other podcasts. This week's schedule:
Thursday October 29th: upNXTra - AEW Review - Patreon
Thursday October 29th: Shot In The Dark w/ Cno Evil - Patreon Free Show
Friday October 30th: Top 5 Spooky Moments in Wrestling - Patreon
Sunday November 1st: upYOURS - Talk N’ Shop A Mania w/ Dan Reid - Patreon
Sunday November 1st: The Long & Winding Royal Road - Steve Williams vs Kenta Kobashi w/ WH Park & Davie Portman - POST Wrestling Feed
Plus so much more @ Patreon.com/upNXT
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